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About Vector Energy

Our Mission: Provide environmentally sound renewable energy solutions in support of Federal, State, and Municipal/ Local renewable portfolio standards (RPS) and critical energy security objectives.

Our Approach:
We integrate six sigma and project management best practices to:

• Assess:
  Extensive due diligence for our client’s renewable energy needs creates tailored project portfolios in strict compliance   with governmental, environmental, utility, and construction requirements.

• Develop:
  We identify dynamic, flexible, and sustainable technologies for our projects. Managing complexity is our strength — and   we are committed to building strong partnerships with exclusive manufacturing, engineering, and construction experts.

• Finance:

  Our network of commercial, institutional, and private equity investors flexibly supports public private partnership   development to maximize stakeholder value while also managing risk.

• Deliver:
  Vector Energy, LLC and its partners identify “critical to quality” requirements to Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and   Control (DMAIC) projects with an intense focus on budget and schedule adherence. Once operational, we employ   sophisticated monitoring and verification tools to track efficient operation for our clients.

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